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Used Car

When worn rubber meets the road

When buying a used car, there are myriad factors to consider, but don’t lose sight of the dangers of worn rubber meeting the road. Consider the overall condition of both the vehicle and its tires. Tires can tell you a lot about how well the car was maintained and driven.

Two- and three-year-old used vehicles are often the best values. Not only is the price lower than a comparable new car’s, but continuing ownership expenses such as collision insurance and taxes are lower, and a two- or three-year-old used vehicle has already taken its biggest depreciation hit.

Buying a used car doesn’t have to be a compromise. It can be an opportunity to own a more substantial make and model you may not be able to afford on the new-car market. The median price paid for a recent-model used car—one built since 2011—is $18,000 when purchased from a used-car dealer and $21,000…